Old Cadillac Limo Does A Heavy Duty Truck Impersonation

While this type of vehicle can easily be characterized redundant in just about every possible way, it might also appeal to a (probably small) number of car enthusiasts who enjoy wacky rides.

While we don’t know what powers this Frankenstein of a Cadillac, we reckon it might have to be something sufficiently potent as it is certainly no lightweight. Moreover, technically it should still qualify as an utility vehicle, even though there’s no truck bed.

We found this image on Reddit, where user Ocardona208 spotted it in traffic and thought that it would make a great addition to the forum’s designated thread for bad car mods.

On the plus side, the body of the car was stretched to hold an extra set of doors (we assume it’s the same on the other side), which means easier access, and possibly improved leg room, for rear passengers.

Other visible mods include the extended fenders and the massive mirror, which kind of looks like it came from a heavy-duty RAM truck judging by the thick-armed L-shape.

Is it good looking? We say no. Does it make its owner happy? Very likely. Thus, as the saying goes, live and let live. Or drive.


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