Ohio students, grab your quills: Cheers & Jeers

The editorial board's Cheers & Jeers returns, with jeers for the 19th-century mindset behind an Ohio cursive writing law and well-deserved cheers for the Goodyear blimp.

JEERS …. to lame-duck Ohio lawmakers for passing a bill requiring the state to develop grade-school cursive-writing instruction. Ohio may lag most of the nation in educational attainment, but one day those kids will be able to use quills, er, pens, to apply for jobs, or maybe just jobless benefits, using elegant script.

CHEERS …. to the Goodyear Blimp for becoming the first nonplayer or coach to win induction as an honorary member into the College Football Hall of Fame.

JEERS … to downstate Ohio legislators who continue to thwart attempts by Cleveland and others to regulate gun use in their borders. Last year, Cleveland homicides topped 100 for the seventh year in a row, with 114 of those deaths coming from gun violence.

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