Ohio Matters podcast election recap – breaking down the midterm elections

Republicans posted big wins Tuesday night, but what does that mean for Ohio's electoral future?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The 2018 midterm election is officially over and while Democrats made significant gains nationwide, any semblance of a “blue wave” was stunted in Ohio.

Republicans swept the statewide executive offices, with Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine besting Democratic former federal consumer watchdog Richard Cordray in the governor’s race. Democrats claimed victory in several races, most notably U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown’s re-election, but will mostly cede control to Republicans for the next four years.

This week on the Ohio Matters politics podcast, cleveland.com data guru Rich Exner guest hosts to discuss what happened Tuesday night and what that means for the future. Do Democrats have a chance at statewide office again, or do the Republican victories solidify Ohio as a red state?

Ohio Matters is the weekly politics podcast from cleveland.com. Each week, reporters Andrew Tobias, Mary Kilpatrick and Seth Richardson sit down with political figures from around the state for in-depth conversations.

Past episodes can be found here and include DeWine, Brown and Auditor-elect Keith Faber.


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