October National Auto Sales Edge Up Slightly This Year Over Last

Despite all the doom and gloom predictions from the so-called experts on the car industry, sales edged up slightly for October 2018 versus sales in October 2017.

This is significant because sales in October 2017 included thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Hurricane Harvey replacement vehicles.  Last month’s sales were fueled heavily by big factory incentives that are expected to continue through December.

Total sales for last month were 1,361,355 versus 1,356,111 in October of 2017.  Year-to-date sales through 10 months of 2018 total 14,303,045 and through October of 2017, sales were 14,235,710.  That represents an increase of 0.5%.  2017 was the second best year in automotive history.

Just a reminder: All the numbers above include estimates from General Motors since they do not report sales monthly.

Here are your winners and losers (without GM) for October 2018 versus October of 2017:


  • Fiat Chrysler was up 15.4% largely on Ram and Jeep increases.
  • Hyundai was up 0.7% in spite of a 79% drop in Genesis to only 372 sales.
  • Jaguar Land Rover was up 25% thanks to a 43% surge in Land Rover sales.
  • McLaren was up 23%, but only logged 142 sales.
  • Mercedes was up 1% which includes a whopping 95 sales of Smart cars.
  • Mitsubishi was up 8.4%.
  • Subaru continued its roll, up 2.5%.
  • Toyota was up 1.4% with gains at Toyota, and flat sales at Lexus.
  • Volvo was up 4.6% on strong sales of the XC40.


  • BMW was down 1.7% primarily due to lower Mini sales.    
  • Ford was down 4%, with Lincoln off 15%.
  • Honda was off 4%, in spite of Acura being up 7% due to the 2019 RDX.
  • Mazda was down 10% after pulling back on incentives.
  • Nissan struggled in October, down 10% after also pulling back on incentives.
  • VW was off 3.9%, with Audi falling 17%.

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