Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Semi Plows Into Squad Car

A police vehicle was struck by a semi truck this past Monday, in Ashwaubenon, Brown County, Wisconsin. According to authorities, the crash happened because the driver of the semi failed to slow down given the slippery conditions.

Following the impact, the officer became trapped for a brief period of time inside the squad car, yet was thankfully uninjured, as reported by We Are Green Bay. Meanwhile, the intersection where the crash took place had to be closed for 2 and a half hours.

“This is a good reminder to drive within safe speeds so you are able to stop and/or avoid crashes when conditions deteriorate,” was the message issued by Ashwaubenon Public Safety, who also posted images of the car on Facebook in order to show the extent of the damage.

Luck played a part

The Explorer did quite well to keep its occupant safe during the crash, especially when you consider the sheer force with which it was struck. Still, the SUV (and its driver) were lucky not to get hit at a 90-degree angle, which would have led to a more uneven distribution of force.

As for what legal consequences ensued, the semi driver was merely cited for “operating too fast for conditions.” In other words, they got off easy and were lucky the officer wasn’t harmed.

In the end, everyone should pay more attention to their surroundings while crossing an intersection in these types of weather conditions, even drivers who have a green light – they might just avoid getting hit by out-of-control vehicles.



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