Nintendo hints it could abandon home consoles for mobile phone games

NINTENDO games will be increasingly found on phones and the company could stop making consoles entirely, according to the firm’s president.

Talking to Nikkei, company president Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company wasn’t “fixated on our consoles” according to a translation by Nintendo Everything.

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The Switch has been hugely successful – but the same cannot be said for every Nintendo console[/caption]

The huge success — and significant revenue stream — from Pokémon Go could point the way to the future
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Instead, the firm is focused on delivering the “Nintendo experience” while also trying to make its revenue less “unstable”.

Nintendo has had a hit-and-miss record with home consoles, with the Switch’s recent success coming after a slow start.

Its predecessor, the Wii U, was an unmitigated disaster — it was massively outsold by rivals and stopped getting new games very shortly after launch.

He also claimed that Nintendo’s response to console struggles previously had simply been working out “what to make next” but that similar struggles in future might just see his company abandon consoles entirely, saying “flexibility is just as important as ingenuity.”

Smartphones have made dedicated gaming handhelds much harder to shift than when the GameBoy came out
Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studios in Japan next year
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The firm has previously cashed in on gamers’ love for its home consoles with the NES and SNES Mini Classics

Furukawa said he wants to increase the number of Nintendo games on mobiles that “have a continuous stream of revenue”.

Worryingly, he also said the firm was “dabbling in theme parks and movies”.

One can only hope the upcoming offerings are an improvement on the diabolical Super Mario Bros. movie that saw Bob Hoskins play a version of the titular plumber in a nightmare world we’d rather not be reminded of.

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