New Bentley Book By Opus (Probably) Costs More Than Your Home

More than a quarter of a million dollars would get you a very nice home in most parts of the world or if you’re a gearhead like us, an eye-catching supercar. In Bentley’s world of riches, it can also get you a book. Not just any book, though, but one made for Bentley by Opus, which is limited to 7 copies, one for each continent.

The 100 Carat Edition costs a jaw-dropping £200,000, or $256,348/€229,000 at the current exchange rates. It’s decorated with 100 carats of diamonds and has a choice of white gold or platinum for the Wings badge.

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If that’s out of your reach, don’t worry, because Bentley is also offering the Mulliner Edition. This one costs as much as a supermini – £12,500 ($16,022/€14,313) and is limited to 500 copies. Owners can have pictures of their Bentley cars included in their own editions and can also have their names gilded in silver or gold onto the cover. The most affordable book is the Centenary Edition, which comes in 500 copies, priced at £3,000 ($3,845/€3,435) each.

The books tell the story of Bentley, ever since its beginnings. They also cover the 1920s Le Mans victories in the 800+ pages and nine chapters, the new-gen GTs, the brand’s core values such as Performance, Design, Rarity, Craftsmanship and Innovation, as well as their ‘Extraordinary Customers’. It starts with an introduction by Ralph Lauren, whereas the final chapter, dubbed ‘The Future’, is from CEO Adrian Hallmark.

Made by master binders in England, with leather hides that come from the same sources as those used in Bentley’s cars, adorned with the Wings badge identical to the one used on every Centenary model, each book weighs approximately 30 kg (66 lbs). It’s almost one meter (39 in) wide when opened and the special gatefold pages measure two meters (79 in) across. It’s “much more than a coffee table book”, Bentley noted.


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