McLaren Clothing Collection By Belstaff Is For The Fashion-Minded Supercar Owner

McLaren owners can now match their cars with high-end clothing from the British manufacturer thanks to a collaboration with Belstaff.

Dubbed the Belstaff X McLaren Collection, fashion aficionados will be able to get their hands on a series of luxury items from November 6 at McLaren retailers and Belstaff stores. The collection consists of 10 items for men and three pieces for women.

Both the men’s and women’s collection include an all-season Performance Shell Field Jacket, lightweight stretch nylon outerwear dubbed the Lightweight Hero Driving Jacket, and a Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket. Male buyers also have a selection of other layering options at their disposal.

While McLaren is happy to let owners of its cars spec paint schemes with a multitude of bright colors, the clothing collection is limited to black and navy blue pieces. Each item of the Belstaff X McLaren Collection features a bespoke serial number and a distinctive logo.

As you’d imagine, none of the pieces come cheap. Pricing starts at £160 ($209) for a base layer merino wool top, increase to £450 ($588) for the Lightweight Hero Driving Jacket and top out at £1195 ($1563) for the Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket.

While those figures are quite hefty, the truth is that, for McLaren owners, dropping four figures on a driving jacket feels like small change.


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