Marshmello and Bastille release alternate version of ‘Happier’ music video

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Marshmello and Bastille pivot away from the tear-jerking story of a girl and her dog in their release of an alternate version of the “Happier” music video. What they’ve come up with is something even more uplifting, albeit, quirky. It plays out like an animated slideshow, showcasing the artists and their work on the song rather than involving a specific storyline. Marshmello can be seen playing multiple instruments as sort of a one-man band, accompanying Dan Smith as he sings along. Per the masked DJs general odd aesthetic, the video makes sure to include a number of oddities that make for a more entertaining watch; including a cameo by some floating graham crackers. Where he and his team find inspiration for such things, we’ll never know — but props to them for a colorful alternative ending!


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