Man who taunted police on social media arrested

A man who taunted police over the Saskatoon Crime Stoppers Facebook page was arrested on Tuesday.

Leslie Joseph Vermette had commented “Catch me if u can pigs” on an Oct. 30 Crime Stoppers Facebook post aimed at identifying Vermette and an alleged accomplice. Crime Stoppers’ response was “Challenge Accepted!”

Vermette and Bradly Waselenchuk are allegedly responsible for 12 break-and-enter crimes in Saskatoon and are also believed to be responsible for stealing mail from apartment buildings’ communal mailboxes.

Waselenchuk remains at large.

Crime Stoppers staff issued a challenge of their own in their most recent post about Vermette.

“Anyone else feel up to issuing a foolish challenge? The comment lines are now open,” they wrote.

More information can be found on the Crime Stoppers website.

Leslie Joseph Vermette, right, is reported to have challenged Saskatoon Crime Stoppers to catch him. Police had asked for help locating him and another man, Bradly Waselenchuk, who are believed to be connected to 21 break-and-enter crimes in Saskatoon.


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