Man stabbed in hand while trying to assist homeless in River North

A man was stabbed in his hand while trying to help homeless individuals Saturday morning in River North.

About 8 a.m., the 39-year-old man was trying to pick up homeless people in his van in the 200 block of East Hubbard Street to take back to his home to let them shower and clean themselves up, according to Chicago police.

A 32-year-old man he picked up attempted to stab him while he was driving, police said. The Good Samaritan got out of the van, while the other man who tried to stab him attempted to steal the vehicle.

The owner of the van held onto the side of the vehicle as the stabber crashed it, police said. The 32-year-old man left the area but was apprehended shortly after by responding units.

The man who was stabbed reportedly refused to sign complaints and suffered lacerations to his hand.

Charges were pending for the man who stabbed him, police said.


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