Man accused of shooting Mylan Hicks was aggressive in nightclub, says witness

The man accused of murdering Calgary Stampeder Mylan Hicks outside a city nightclub was acting aggressively inside, a witness testified Wednesday.

“He acted like he was, you know, untouchable, really,” Hilary Jeavons testified about Nelson Lugela’s conduct inside Marquee Beer Market.

Lugela, 21, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with Hicks’ Sept. 25, 2016, shooting death.

Jeavons said she witnessed an “altercation” between Lugela and his two friends and members of the team inside the nightclub which occurred after he’d bumped into her.

“He bump me to get to the bar, there was no reason to bump me,” Jeavons told Crown prosecutor Gord Haight.

“That fellow over there,” she said, pointing to Lugela in the prisoner’s box.

She said after that Lugela and another man got into a verbal exchange with members of the Stampeders, starting with kicker Rene Parades.

But she said she didn’t pay much attention to the second individual, who she described as wearing a red track suit.

“I don’t remember him as much because he wasn’t as loud, or pushy,” Jeavons said.

She said the argument lasted about five minutes, before club staff arrived to break it up.

Lugela and his two friends were then taken aside by bar manager Paul Power, she said.

“I honestly thought that they got kicked out.”

A few minutes later Lugela, who was wearing a white ball cap and white T-shirt, returned with his friends, she said.

“The guy in the white hat was all arrogant, like ‘ahh, I didn’t get kicked out,’” Jeavons said.

She said she also saw the trio outside when she left after closing time.

“It was the accused and his two friends arguing amongst themselves,” the witness told court.

“They were loud.”

She said she then went to her car with then-Stampeder Joe Burnett and waited for her roommate, Kevin, to join them.

“Joe heard a gunshot, I’ve never heard a gun before,” Jeavons said.

She then heard two gunshots herself, she said.

“I also knew (they were gunshots) because Kevin ran to my vehicle and jumped in and said ‘somebody’s been shot,’” Jeavons said, as Hicks’ mom, Renee Hill, who was sitting in the courtroom gallery, burst into tears.

She said she then immediately left.

“That scared me,” she said.

“When we were driving I had told Joe, you know, I said ‘I really really pray that your team is okay.’”

The trial is expected to last into next week.

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