Longmont police release name of officer who fired shot at man on New Year’s Eve

Longmont police have released the name of the law enforcement officer involved in the shooting of Jesus M. Ramos, 34, on New Year’s Eve.

Master Police Officer Mike Kimbley

Master Police Officer Mike Kimbley, one of the officers who responded to the call, shot at Ramos with his rifle, according to a news release from Deputy Chief Jeff Satur.

Ramos had told police that he tried to kill himself with a revolver and had been using heroin and methamphetamine. In a 911 call, he told dispatchers that he put his gun away and was going with his father to the hospital.

Officers contacted Ramos and his father just south of Glen Ridge Apartment Complex at 2211 Pratt St. In the 911 call, Ramos becomes angry and says he still has the revolver. He tells the dispatcher he will “kill whoever I need to kill.”

Ramos refused to follow instructions from the officers and went toward an apartment with his hand wrapped in a jacket, at which time Kimbley fired the rifle.

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