Local surfers still in Quiksilver Pro chase

Hawaii’s Ezekiel Lau and Sebastian Zietz are still in the chase for the Quiksilver Pro France title. They are preparing to surf in the third round today.

Lau defeated Tomas Hermes of Brazil, 13.93 to 13.80, in the second round Wednesday. On Tuesday, Zietz won his first-round heat to make it all the way to round three.

Hawaii’s Keanu Asing was eliminated 13.07 to 11.13 to Kolohe Andino of San Clemente, Calif., on Wednesday.

Australia’s Ryan Callinan upset No. 1 Filipe Toledo of Brazil 16.80 to 16.60 on Wednesday, which helps Brazil’s No. 2 Gabriel Medina in the yearlong race for the World Surf League championship.

Hawaii’s Carissa Moore, Malia Manuel and Coco Ho are preparing to surf in their third-round heats in the Roxy Pro France.


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