Letter: Trump’s bullying goes beyond words

Bill Muench demanded the calling out of certain national leaders “for their inciteful and public bullying behavior” (“Political bullies need to be called out,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, Nov. 3). His examples: statements by three prominent Democrats.

Curiously, nowhere does he mention today’s most savagely uncontrolled bully, the man who has coarsened and dirtied American public life.

You know whom I mean: The fella who calls Mexicans “rapists,” Muslims “terrorists,” and forcibly separates thousands of immigrant children from their parents.

Who sends planeloads of troops to stop the “invasion” by a small “caravan” of Hondurans desperately fleeing an unlivable country.

You know, the fella who flaunts his power by using economic warfare to force the Chinese and Canadians to their knees. Who is sanctioning Iran to make it kowtow to his Middle Eastern policy.

Whose bullying of our close European allies is eroding bonds forged since World War II.

Whose bullying is making this world much more dangerous for all of us.

So, Mr. Muench, when do you “call out” Donald Trump?

Noel Kent


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