Letter: Seniors at airport forced to walk far

On Oct. 26, my wife and I returned from a three-week cruise to Australia and New Zealand. When we landed at Honolulu’s airport, we were completely flabbergasted to find out what visitors have to go through after clearing immigration and leaving the building to pick up their suitcases at the Hawaiian Airlines carousel.

Unbelievably, it is located more than a quarter-mile away. We were completely shocked and in disbelief when told that the Wiki Wiki shuttle service had been terminated for lack of funds.

What is wrong with the people who work for the Airports Division, state Department of Transportation? More and more of our visitors are seniors who have the time and money to travel; who may be overweight and looking forward to going on the inter-island cruise; who are limited in their ability to walk long distances because of their medical and/or physical conditions.

Is this the way to welcome them to Hawaii?

William T. Kinaka

Wailuku, Maui

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