Letter: Plastic-bag bans key to California’s beloved scenery

Plastic-bag bans key to
state’s beloved scenery

Regarding your front page article “First Impressions: The surprising things newcomers love and hate about the Bay Area” (April 14): I was irritated by the response from the woman who didn’t like the inconvenience of buying grocery bags.

The attitude of altruism on the part of many people I know — the willingness to think about others, the acceptance of inconvenience for the sake of the environment — is what I love most about living in California.

I come from the Midwest and go back occasionally. When I do, I am struck by the “me/mine first” attitude I frequently encounter. This is not a universal condemnation, but I see and hear it from some. It’s not overt. It’s sometimes masked by what the woman quoted describes as “passive aggressive niceness.”

Buying bags is symbolic of the care Californians have for preserving the environment for future generations. It should be celebrated. In fact, plastic bag bans contribute significantly to the #2 item in your article on things people love about California, the scenery.

Maribel Andonian


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