Letter: Pedestrians need to pay attention

I retired several years ago. I sold my car and became a pedestrian and a bus rider. I have observed other pedestrians both young and old.

What is the matter with these people? They cross the street as if they were invincible.

Remember, when you challenge a vehicle, you will always lose.

When I see on TV in the newspaper that someone was hit by a vehicle, I believe that both parties are 50 percent at fault, even if they were in a crosswalk.

People, pay attention. Put down your phone, look and pause at every lane as you cross. Don’t assume the cars are going to stop. The driver could be on the phone, texting or just not paying attention. Always make eye contact with the driver.

I have seen people step onto the street as soon as the walk light comes on without looking to see if the cars have stopped.

Don’t be in such a hurry. When the walk light comes on, wait three seconds before stepping onto the street.

George Oki


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