Letter: Middle Street can be major transit hub

A recent commentary (“Change rail route for UH, flooding,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Nov. 7) was inspirational in its foresight of environmental changes and recommendations.

I advocate ending the rail line at Middle Street, which I envision as the major hub of Honolulu’s public transportation. Instead of constructing fixed rail to Waikiki, Ala Moana Center, downtown or the University of Hawaii at Manoa, an enhanced express bus system would be less disruptive and cost-prudent. More scheduled express buses during peak traffic hours can carry riders nonstop to those destinations. Buses can traverse alternate routes in situations of obstructions.

Besides the disruption of business and traffic flow in the construction zones, rail also would eliminate affordable housing and commercial properties, especially in the Kalihi area.

A wiser strategem would save millions and allow our government to fund essential programs such as education. Time to change course.

Les Nakasone

Nui Valley

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