Letter: Hawaiian supports Mauna Kea telescope

Hooray! Let me be one of the forward-looking Native Hawaiians who applauds the Hawaii Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

However, I’m saddened by protesters like Kealoha Pisciotta (Mauna Kea Hui), Hawane Rios (Big Island entertainer) and Kaleikoa Ka‘eo still vowing to thwart a valuable scientific endeavor that will reconcile culture and science (“Thirty Meter Telescope foes vow protest following Supreme Court ruling,” Star-Advertiser, Oct. 31).

In particular, I feel Ka‘eo, a University of Hawaii Maui College Hawaiian Studies professor, whose salary is paid by us Hawaii taxpayers, should step down from his position.

He’s doing a poor job if “Hawaiian Studies” does not include studying present-day Hawaiians who embrace the future and want their children to be skilled and successful community contributors to that future.


Gladys Lucas


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