Letter: Cheryl Hansen’s skill, integrity set her apart for superintendent

Hansen’s skill, integrity set
her apart for superintendent

The upcoming election of the County Office of Education superintendent matters.

We need a superintendent with vision, integrity, broad experience in and knowledge of kindergarten through adult education, a deep understanding of and skill in working with school boards, and the ability to create strong partnerships with all 18 school districts in the county, with higher education and with business partners.

Only one candidate is qualified to achieve these goals: Cheryl Hansen. Cheryl’s resume speaks for itself — from the classroom to the board room. Her job titles and experience are real, not manipulated or falsely created for the sake of an election. Cheryl Hansen’s endorsements tell the story — from those who have firsthand knowledge of public education in Contra Costa County, including from many employees of the Office of Education.

Vote for Cheryl Hansen for county superintendent. It matters for all public school students in Contra Costa County.

Barbara Oaks
Former Mount Diablo School District trustee
Pleasant Hill


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