Kokua Line: No exception for veteran exercising at Punchbowl

Question: In 2009, I was one of hundreds of veterans with diabetes selected as part of a VA study. Our responsibility was to take our blood sugar and pressure twice a day, walk 10,000 steps, and record on a form, including our meals (quantity and menu) for one year. During that period and currently, I began walking at Punchbowl five to six times a year, along with my regular location at the Windward Mall. I am a 100 percent-disabled, Agent Orange Vietnam War veteran, and under VA care. I do have many friends interred and buried at Punchbowl, and every time I walk, I do visit them on my last cycle to share a few thoughts. Oh, it’s 5,000 steps in one cycle, including the lookout, and so requires two cycles for my 10,000-step (4 miles) walk. Does this policy end my walking exercise (recommended by VA) at Punchbowl?


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