Koen Holtkamp finds a reason to continue wearing his Halloween mask, releases new album as BEAST on Thrill Jockey

Subsequent to the birth of his first album, musician/visual artist Koen Holtkamp is releasing a brand new child named BEAST, who, despite his/her name, almost certainly looks like a normal human.

Wait…switch that up a bit.

Koen Holtkamp is releasing a new ALBUM…AS BEAST…called Ens. And the story of it occurs more or less conjunction with Holtkamp’s newfound fatherly experiences. Thrill Jockey tells us of how Holtkamp recorded the release during the off-hours invariably associated with the post and possibly pre-birth timelines; and as a result, there’s a sense of “blissful grandeur” that emanates from the music therein, which wouldn’t be a far cry from the other work that Holtkamp has recorded both solo (under his own name) and as a member of Mountains.

Check out the Koen-produced video for the track “Paprika Shorts” down below to get an actual sense of how this sounds. The minimal notes of prickly synth remind one of a simpler time, when nothing beat a heated pacifier and Big Bird laying down the recently imposed avian law (civil liberties be damned).

Ens is out TODAY — November 9. Grab it on LP or CD here, and be prepared for the very opposite of cacophony. I mean…to the extent that you need to be.

Ens tracklisting:

01. Paprika Shorts
02. Color Feel
03. Boketto
04. Edb
05. Staren
06. Miniature
07. For Otto


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