“Journalist” Saba Naqvi spreads Fake News!

If you, as a common man, on social media share a piece of information which is factually incorrect, journalists start shouting – “a Sanghi is spreading fake news, jail him/her …”. They will tag you your employer too asking the employer to take action against you. What if a “journalist” does the same?

The rules are different for “journalists”.

See this video from 17.30 onwards:

CNN-IBN Video.

At 18.10, Ms. Saba Naqvi makes a statement that “[Mr. Vijay Malya in 2010], returns as a BJP Rajyasabha MP …”.

This is factually incorrect. Mr. Vijay Mallya was an independent MP. He resigned a day before Ethics Committee of the Upper House was set to recommend his expulsion [1].

The BJP chose to support Mr. Mallya, an independent candidate, only to defeat Congress candidate, which is not an unethical step [2]. Should BJP have allowed the Congress candidate to be elected?

How could Ms. Saba claim that Mr. Mallya was BJP Rajyasabha MP, despite it is factually incorrect?

[1] https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/Vijay-Mallya-resigns-from-Rajya-Sabha/article14297219.ece

[2] https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/bjp-jd-s-join-hands-to-make-mallya-win-rajya-sabha-seat-421134



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