It’s hard to shake the impression our hard-working cops are led by donkeys — and it leaves us all vulnerable

Police farce

IT looks increasingly like plod has lost the plot.

Don’t get us wrong. This country is blessed to have hard-working frontline coppers doing their best to keep us safe.

Frontline coppers are doing all they can to keep us safe
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One of their number — PC Keith Palmer, who died in the Westminster Attack last year — will be rightly honoured with a memorial in the Parliament he gave his life to protect.

But their bosses? The Home Office? It’s hard to shake the impression our lions are led by donkeys.

Perceived hate crimes are deemed more important than burglaries and low-level violence. Top cops send their rank and file off to do PR stunts for the latest virtue-signalling cause. Every day seems to bring new tales of criminals getting away scot-free.

It’s no surprise we’ve lost control of our streets, not just in the capital, but across the country — where knife crime is increasing at a HIGHER rate than in London.

It may even be time for an independent commission to look at policing
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Politicians must do more than hope to plug the dam with a bit more cash. They must rebuild a functioning force.

That may well involve moving mental health responsibilities to another arm of government, or slashing the bureaucracy police are stuck with.

It may even be time for an independent commission to look at policing.

But this sorry state of affairs shames our nation — and leaves us all vulnerable.

Never forget

“AT the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them…”

The German president will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph for the first ever time this Sunday
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The lines of the famous war poem have never been as true as they are this weekend, 100 years on from the end of an awful conflict that took millions of lives. There are some who say that a century later we should consign this conflict to history. We respectfully disagree.

We must keep on teaching the war’s horrors and of the reconciliation since. From a continent that tore itself apart twice in just four decades, Europe is now bound by common and friendly ties — no matter whether a country is an EU member or not.

On Sunday that will be made abundantly clear when the German president lays a wreath at the Cenotaph.

It is a fitting gesture of remembrance, and of progress.

Poll? No JoJo

JO Johnson is entitled to his view that the PM’s Brexit deal is a bit of a mess.

We share many of his concerns. Mrs May has a way to go to convince us she really is bringing us true independence.

But his call for a second referendum is deeply dangerous. The people have had their say.

They would not take kindly to being told to change their minds by the very political elites they turned against the first time.


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