It is only right PC Keith Palmer is commemorated with a memorial in the Palace of Westminster

LIONS led by donkeys.

It was said of the Tommies in WW1. And it’s true, it seems, for the frontline coppers of the Metropolitan Police.

Real heroes like Keith Palmer act out of instinct, not self-interest
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It was bad enough that “white feather” top cop Sir Craig Mackey locked himself in his car as Khalid Masood wreaked havoc around Parliament.

But to see the size of his potential ­pension compared with the rank and file’s is sickening. Boardroom bobbies have closed ranks around Mackey, saying he had no choice but to keep out of danger. That’s probably what the rule book says.

But real heroes act out of instinct, not self-interest.

The contrast between Mackey’s actions and the bravery of PC Keith Palmer, or the off-duty PC Charlie Guenigault who ran TOWARDS danger in London Bridge, could not be clearer.

The contrast between Mackey’s actions and the bravery of PC Keith Palmer could not be clearer
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The latter was awarded the George Medal this week. It’s now time to show our respects to Keith Palmer too, who paid the ultimate price that awful day.

It is only right he is commemorated with a memorial in the Palace of Westminster — where we honour our best and bravest.

He has earned his place amongst them.

Twitt-ness intimidation

THE Government is right to crack down on the knife crime terrorising our streets.

The Offensive Weapons Bill is a victory for our  Beat the Blades campaign

The Offensive Weapons Bill, which will go through Parliament this week, is a victory for The Sun on Sunday’s Beat the Blades campaign. But now that Ministers have acted, the tech giants must do their bit in the fight against gangs, too.

The revelation that witnesses are being outed on social media should set alarm bells ringing — yet none of these companies even bothered to respond. They are arrogant and cold-blooded. They are enabling violence on our streets. And they refuse to take responsibility.

And whilst they shift the blame, brave witnesses — who did the right thing by coming forward — are being threatened, bullied and murdered.

Where’s the justice in that?

Manner the match

CONGRATULATIONS to the England players for managing to stick — mostly — to ­Gareth Southgate’s new swearing rules.

Playing behind closed doors, any rogue Anglo-Saxon would certainly have been heard by TV audiences across Europe.

The air might not have been so clean in the pubs and front rooms back home, however.

Especially in response to Kane and Rashford’s finishing . . .


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