Insomniac’s Complete 2019 Festival Calendar Revealed

Insomniac Events is the biggest promoter of electronic dance music in the entire United States. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, a lot of their events stay close to home, but they’ve expanded over the years to events in Michigan (Electric Forest), Florida (EDC Orlando and Holy Ship!), and Texas (hopefully, if Middlelands ever comes back). With so many events to keep track of and look forward to, something like a calendar is necessary. Thankfully, Insomniac has our back.

These calendars (below) were handed out at Countdown NYE this year and reveal every Insomniac festival coming in 2019! We can see Holy Ship! sailing in January, EDC Las Vegas in bold yellow in May, and HARD Summer on August 3-4. It also appears that HARD Day of the Dead is returning to two days in 2019, and Insomniac isn’t making the mistake of putting Escape and DOTD on back-to-back weekends a second time.

Nocturnal is coming back in September, and Beyond is returning in March, with the new addition of Beyond Wonderland Monterrey in Mexico on April 6.

See the full calendar below and start saving up!

  • January 5-9, January 9-12: Holy Ship!
  • February 23-24: EDC Mexico
  • March 22-23: Beyond Wonderland
  • April 6: Beyond Wonderland Monterrey
  • May 11-12: EDC Japan
  • May 16-20: EDC Week / EDC Las Vegas
  • June 27-30: Electric Forest
  • August 3-4: HARD Summer
  • September 13-14: Nocturnal Wonderland
  • October 25-26: Escape Psycho Circus
  • November 9-10: HARD Day of the Dead (unconfirmed)
  • December 31: Countdown


H/T GDE / Photo via Doug Van Sant for Insomniac Events

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