‘I’d just love to thank them’: Martensville man wants to find Good Samaritan who helped his dying father

James Koroll has spent the last seven days mourning his father — and searching for the Good Samaritan who called paramedics and assisted Koroll’s dad in the final moments of his life.

“I’d just love to thank them so much for being a caring individual, and tell them a little bit about my dad — let them know what he meant to me,” Koroll said Friday in an interview.

Koroll’s father, Patrick Cashman, died suddenly while driving on Millar Avenue near 51st Street around 4 p.m. on Nov. 2. Cashman had been with a friend loading some lumber when he started feeling tired, Koroll said.

“I don’t think he made it very far up Millar,” said Koroll, who lives in Martensville but was at work in Saskatoon that afternoon when a physician phoned to tell him that Cashman had been found in the intersection.

“I hoped that he was OK, but I could tell from the tone of (the doctor’s) voice … ” Koroll said before trailing off.

Cashman was a geologist by trade who had lived the last 25 years in Krydor, a village located approximately 98 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. Koroll said he had a “tough life,” but lived for his kids and was a “really kind man,” even though he didn’t have a lot.

“He was always helping others out, even when he shouldn’t have been,” Koroll said.

It is not clear who stopped to assist Cashman. Koroll said he has “absolutely zero” information about the individual, who he has been trying to track down through a post on social media.

Medavie Health Services spokesman Troy Davies said the ambulance service is looking into the matter.

Said Koroll: “I’m just so thankful that someone did something good for him.”




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