Hyundai Elantra Mounts Naughty Chevy Camaro And Flips

If you ever thought that people might be exaggerating with all the honking and verbal scolding whenever they get cut off in traffic, this here crash is a perfect example of why everyone is so intolerant of other driver pulling out in front of them without a moment’s notice.

It’s just plain dangerous. Besides, human beings can only do so much with their average reaction time of some 0.25 seconds to visual stimulus. So having other drivers test your reactions because of their poor judgement is unacceptable on all levels.

Here, as far as we can tell, the driver of the Hyundai Elantra had over two full seconds to brake, or at least steer clear of the Camaro that had just merged onto the southbound lane. But what did they do? They waited until the two cars were nearly bumper to bumper and then attempted to casually steer left.

Maybe they were looking elsewhere or doing who knows what else rather than keeping their eyes on the road ahead – it’s just a shame really, because this was clearly an avoidable crash. Instead, the Hyundai ended up hitting the muscle car in such a way that it caused a flip.

As for the driver of the Camaro, there’s obviously no excuse for what they did, and the only reason why we’ve actually focused more on the Hyundai driver’s actions is because seeing somebody cut in front of you at a crawling pace happens every day. Seeing somebody have that slow of a reaction time is what’s baffling.

Thankfully, all parties involved suffered only minor injuries, as per the description of the video.



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