Huge change to Razer Blade Stealth delivers real gaming in an ultrabook

RAZER’S Blade Laptops have been some of the best bits of portable PC gaming hardware around for some time, and most of them got better in 2018.

The Razer Blade Stealth, the company’s 12″ ultrabook, has now joined that party with a huge update for 2019.

Simple, clean lines, a matt finish and a tiny bezel make for a machine that looks like it really means business

The external stylings now match up with the rest of Razer’s revamped designs. Gone is the huge black bezel around the screen–making the whole thing slightly narrower–and gone are the rounded edges and metallic finish too.

In its place is a matte black slate that really looks like it means business.

Those obvious external changes hide the biggest internal change — it now carries on-board discrete graphics, courtesy of an NVidia GeForce MX150.

This means it has all the benefits of the old Stealth, but makes infinitely more sense now you can actually play a very wide range of games on it on the go.

The chassis houses four speakers (two along each side), and has an improved keyboard and trackpad compared to the previous model

Business is the order of the day too — Razer have also toned down some of the lighting options to make room for more power.

The keyboard has a lovely sharp mechanical feel that’s a step up from the previous model, but there’s no room for key-by-key RGB lighting this time around.

The new compact screen is still available in eye-bleeding 4K resolution with touch-screen capabilities–but the reduced bezel and improved tech mean that the logo on the back no longer lights up.

This sacrifice of performance over their often OTT visuals really does sum up everything with the new Stealth; it’s sharp, and built for  the serious business of gaming.

The finish seems to absorb light — and the result is exceptionally understated

Now, it’s still an Ultrabook so the on-the-go gaming performance isn’t spectacular or in the same league as the normal Blades when out and about.

But it is still an absurdly light 1.3kg, and capable of being a serious mobile machine that will run all day, and that you can now game on in your down time.

The ideal set-up for one of these still involves one of Razer’s Core external graphics card enclosures.

That way you can marry up the serious power of the Whisky Lake 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor with the latest desktop graphics card and have a top-notch gaming PC on your desk, and an incredibly portable Ultrabook to unplug for work and play away from home.

The combination of serious power, 10 hours of battery life, a great screen, phenomenal sound with an upgraded keyboard and revamped trackpad really do look set to make the new Stealth one of the best gaming laptops ever made.

It will be available for pre-order at £1,299 to £1,799 , with shipping due to start in early 2019.

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