How my is my Fortnite account worth? Shady site calculates how much you can sell it on the black market

FORTNITE is making Epic Games millions on an almost daily basis, and the firm is throwing some of that money at players through tournaments.

But is there a way to make some of the money you’ve pumped in buying V-Bucks for outfits and battle passes without pulling the handle on the slot machine of Epic’s Tournaments?

The calculator asks for basic info about your account, but doesn’t ask for an identifying information

Some players have made money selling their accounts, complete with all their past purchases and seasonal rewards, even though it violates Epic’s terms of service for the game.

If you want to see how good or bad a return on your investment of time and money in Fortnite so far has been, you can plug your details into this calculator and find out.

While you may think this is relatively safe endeavour given punishments for violating a game’s terms of service tend to only have ramifications in-game, Epic does have several other options open to it.

Firstly, you could find yourself banned from ALL their games, past present and future, so even if you’re bored of Fortnite and don’t care if you get hit with a ban from that, it’s a decision that could come back to bite you in future.

Some of the ongoing listings run into the thousands of pounds
eBay has a large number of listings under all manner of different search teems


The site has accounts up for sale for as much as £4,400 ($5,700), though many more are being, sold for around the £90 ($120) mark.

eBay is also a haven for such scurrilous dealings, with many listings for Fortnite accounts, with some being offered for in excess of £850.

Some people are even claiming to be ‘raffling’ skins via eBay. One user has sold 691 ‘tickets’ at £1 each for an account with a mere 25 skins on, each claiming to come with a chance of winning the account.

According to said user, “unlike many other listings this is NOT a scam.” There is no way of verifying this information.

Epic has also shown it is not shy about going to the courts when it feels its rights have been infringed, as a couple of YouTubers recently found out to their cost.

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