‘He’s a hero’: State trooper fatally struck by vehicle on I-294

An Illinois state trooper was fatally struck by a vehicle Saturday evening on a tollroad in the north suburbs, police said.

Trooper Christopher Lambert, 34, was on the scene of a three-car crash on I-294 at milepost 49, near Willow Road in Glenview, when he was struck by a vehicle and killed, Illinois State Police said.

Lambert was given CPR by an off-duty nurse at the scene, and was taken to Glenbrook Hospital, where he died, Illinois State Police Director Leo P. Schmitz said at a press conference.

Lambert, a 5-year veteran, was on his way home from work in his squad car when he saw the crash and positioned his car in the left hand lanes to protect the people involved, Schmitz said.

“He’s a hero,” Schmitz said, “and now I’m going to take care of him, his family and our troopers.”

The driver who hit Lambert stopped, Schmitz said. The crash appeared to be an accident, but was still under investigation.

“All the people who worked with him, they said he was a go-getter, he was a hard worker, they loved him, he got things done — we’re going to miss him,” Schmitz said.

State police were expected to lead a procession of Lambert body to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Schmitz said.


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