Hellcat-Powered 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger Restomod Project Begs To Be Made

Remember our interpretation of a modern-day 2020 Chrysler Valiant Charger we brought you a year ago?

Judging from the response to that rendering alone we’d be inclined to say the Australian market would absolutely love it if Chrysler brought that nameplate back Down Under. The trouble is Chrysler stopped making cars in Australia in 1980 so a modern-day Valiant is as likely as Holden, Ford, and Toyota starting their Australian car plants again.

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There’s not much enthusiasts can do about this, but no one can stop them from dreaming about the perfect Valiant for the 21st century, right? The folks from Abimelec Design have a pretty cool idea about what that could be: a 1972 Valiant Charger restomod.

The renderings come from the same guys that brought us the amazing CGIs of a hypothetical Ford Falcon XB restomod project. As you can see, their vision is to replace the Valiant Charger’s original powertrain with a supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine that makes 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft (880 Nm) of torque.

A great (and unsurprising) choice as far as engine swaps go, no doubt about it. That’s not all, obviously. The exterior styling treatment is rather understated, bar the black hood, aftermarket chrome wheels and lowering kit. As for the interior, it’s taken straight out of a modern Charger/Challenger and made to look like it belongs in the classic Aussie muscle car thanks to the wood trim.

Here’s hoping that aftermarket companies see these renderings and at least one of them decides to build a Valiant Charger restomod for real. Something tells us that plenty of people would be interested in buying one.


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