GTA 6 hinted at for ‘next generation’ platforms as Rockstar posts new ads

ROCKSTAR has fuelled speculation an announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6 may be around the corner with a host of new job adverts.

The ads for jobs in India as well as the USA, first reported on by GearNuke, are looking for people to work on and improve its motion capture and facial animation technology as well as to design new vehicles.

Rockstar Games

The vehicle listing in particular sounds to be straight out of a GTA game, given it wants and artist with experience working with all modes of transport “including but not limited to Cars, Trucks & Vans, Motorbikes, Helicopters, Planes, Military, and Boats”.

These vehicles “are not carbon copies of existing vehicles – but still retain an essence and design feel of their specific real-world references and associated individual styling cues” — something that the GTA universe is very much known for.

Finally, the job listing indicates it would be desirable for the applicant to have a “deep understanding and love of car culture” — again suggesting a modern-day setting with strong cultural references, which fits right in with GTA.

The other listings all seem focused on making the game more realistic than ever, with jobs open to work on next-generation motion-capture and facial animation, including a “Technical Face Developer” at the company’s New York offices.

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Vehicles inspired by real-world equivalents have long been a hallmark of the Grand Theft Auto world[/caption]


The last two GTA games have pushed the envelope in terms of the numbers of different vehicles players can use[/caption]

The candidate is expected to help with “the development of new approaches and workflows to facial tracking, facial animation, facial recognition, improving tools/pipelines currently in place”, suggesting that Rockstar has ambitions far beyond the unprecedented realism provided in the huge world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Artists will be expected to help “create next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects”.

Cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2, released at the end of last year, was the last game to be formally announced by Rockstar, with no official word on what their legions of developers and artists around the world are currently working on.

The most recent updates for GTA Online have seen the wild world grow ever more ridiculous
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V came out nearly six years ago in 2013, five years after GTA IV.

It is, however, still going strong thanks to the success of GTA Online, which is still receiving new modes and regular updates as it continues to rake in cash.

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