Got a Windows computer? You can get Amazon Alexa for FREE right now – and here’s how to do it

ANYONE with a Windows 10 desktop computer or laptop can now get Amazon’s Alexa free of charge.

Yes, you can download the voice-controlled virtual assistant that you’d normally find on Amazon Echo speakers.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa is finally available for anyone to download on the Windows Store
Amazon / Microsoft

Microsoft has already been offering Alexa on select devices.

But it’s now possible for anyone to download the digital helper on any device through the Microsoft Store.

The only caveat is that you need to be running Windows 10 – the latest version of Windows.

Some PCs will support “wake word” functionality, which lets you simply say Alexa out loud to activate the assistant.

Amazon Alexa
The app offers the same abilities as your Amazon Echo speaker
Amazon / Microsoft

With PCs that don’t offer “wake word” support, you’ll just have to hit the Alexa button inside the app instead.

Alternatively you can set up a keyboard shortcut to load her up more quickly.

The Alexa app on Windows 10 will be familiar to anyone who already uses Alexa on another device.

You can control smart home devices, music, and access all the usual built-in Alexa functionalities.

That means you can speak to her about the news or weather, getting the latest reports.

You can use Alexa on Windows without having to fork out for an Amazon Echo speaker
AP:Associated Press

She’ll also be able to play games with you, tell you jokes, sing songs and play audiobooks.

If you have a Kindle, Alexa can read your books aloud – even continuing from where you left off on the e-reader.

To get Alexa on Windows PC, follow the link:

  • Amazon Alexa on the Microsoft Store for free – download now

Amazon says it’ll improve Alexa for PC over time, adding “PC-specific capabilities” that let you access Windows features in early 2019.

And Alexa itself gets smarter over time too, with Amazon regularly updating the virtual assistant with new features.

She’ll also get better at recognising your voice the more you speak to her, which is handy.

Of course Microsoft already offers its own built-in voice-controlled assistant on Windows PCs: Cortana.

However Alexa is much more well known than Cortana, due to Amazon being very early to market with the Amazon Echo.

The smart speaker first debuted way back in 2014, which is far earlier than rival smart speaker devices.

What do you think of Alexa? Let us know in the comments!

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