Gilpin County woman pleads guilty to false reporting of bear attack

A Gilpin County woman who raised false alarms over a bogus bear attack outside Golden pleaded guilty Tuesday to false reporting.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigation into the Sept. 19 incident at Golden Gate Canyon State Park has resulted in a citation being issued to 38-year-old Julie Bosworth, according to a news release.

Bosworth pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to 20 hours of community service by Gilpin County Judge David Taylor.

“As an agency we investigate these to the fullest, and we cannot and will not tolerate false reporting,” said Mark Leslie of Parks and Wildlife. “If you do this, we are going to charge you.”

The citation was issued Oct. 9 after an investigation determined that Bosworth’s injuries were not caused by a bear. As part of the investigation, Bosworth’s clothing was sent to a Wyoming lab, where it was determined that only human and dog hairs were present. Investigators found no trace of a bear in the area where the attack was reported to have happened.

Gilpin County deputies, a park ranger and wildlife officials responded to the false report the day of the incident. Bosworth was taken to St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood to be treated for injuries on her arms, legs and head.


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