Galaxy X release date teased as Samsung hints ‘foldable’ phone is just a few weeks away

SAMSUNG has teased a released date for its much-hyped folding smartphone.

The handset, known through leaks and rumours as either the Galaxy X or Galaxy F, could finally see the light of day on February 20.

Samsung billboard

A new Samsung billboard in Paris reads “The future unfolds – February 20” in Hangeul, the South Korean alphabet[/caption]

Samsung has kept the phone’s design a closely guarded secret, but it’s believed the smartphone-sized gadget folds out like a book into a full-size tablet.

The South Korean tech giant is hosting a release event in San Francisco on February 20, where it is expected to release its upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone range.

And a not-so-subtle billboard erected by the firm suggests it will also use the event to launch its folding gadget.

Installed at the famous Place de la Concorde in Paris, France, the billboard reads “The future unfolds – February 20” in Hangeul, the South Korean alphabet.

Samsung’s will officially unveiled its folding Galaxy X smartphone on February 20 (concept image)
Samsung Galaxy X
It’s believed the smartphone-sized gadget folds out like a book into a full-size tablet

The message appears to confirm rumours that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy X at next month’s event alongside its new Galaxy S10 range.

Samsung will livestream the event from its website at 7pm GMT on February 20.

The folding device has been an ongoing project at Samsung for years.

The point of the gadget is to blur the lines between a smartphone and a tablet.

Samsung launch event
Samsung is hosting a launch event on February 20. It is expected to release several new handsets, though the firm has kept tight-lipped on how they might shape up
Rumours about what the device will look like have plagued Samsung for months
Samsung Galaxy X
The Galaxy X could be the first of a wave of foldable smartphones

You’d be able to carry around a large screen for watching TV or working – but still pocket it.

The design for the phone has already been leaked.

The Bell, a respected news outlet in Samsung’s South Korea homeland, revealed that the phone would fold inwards like a book.

The main screen would be a premium OLED panel (like on the iPhone XS), and would span a huge 7.29 inches.

For contrast, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is considered enormous, and only has a 6.4-inch display.

You’d expect a tablet to have a 7-inch plus display – like Google’s Nexus 7 or the Amazon Fire HD 7.

This display would fold in half like a book, closing the screen off from the outside and protecting it.

On the back of the device would be a second screen: this time a smaller 4.6-inch OLED panel, which is a similar size to an iPhone 8 display.

This screen would act as a “front cover” to the closed book that is your smartphone.

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