Former engineer spends Rs 1.5 cr to build retirement home inside a Boeing 727

People have different ideas for their dream home but few get to get what they had originally envisioned. Meanwhile there are some people who don’t let anything come between them and their ideal bachelor pad no matter how bizarre their ideas are.

A former engineer in Oregon spent close to Rs 1.5 crore to buy a Boeing 727 and live his dream. He had the aircraft transported from Greece to his 10 acre plot in Portland, Oregon.

Campbell never married and never had any children as he enjoys living in the 1066 sq ft plane which once transported Aristotle Onassis’s body to Greece. While he always wanted to spend retirement in a decommissioned plane, Bruce has little regard for what people consider essential facilities.

He is also happy to let people visit his dream house as he carries on with day to day life as they take a look.


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