Former doctor Vincent Nadon pleads guilty to sex assault and voyeurism charges

A former doctor at the University of Ottawa Health Services accused of secretly filming and sexually assaulting patients over a span of 23 years has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sex assault and voyeurism.

Dr. Vincent Nadon, who lives in Chelsea, pleaded guilty to the counts relating to 49 victims on Wednesday.

Nadon was charged last January after a female patient discovered a cellphone partly hidden in a cupboard was recording her in the doctor’s office during a visit for a pap smear.

When the woman confronted Nadon, the doctor claimed he was recording the exam for “training purposes,” according to police reports.

Police arrested Nadon the next evening in the parking lot of a grocery store in Chelsea after police observed him throwing garbage bags in a dumpster. Police seized a cellphone in a pink case and a badly damaged hard drive, then searched Nadon’s home, vehicles, two trailers on his property and a storage locker at his clinic.

He was charged with sexual assault and voyeurism.

That triggered a wider investigation, with more patients coming forward with allegations of sexual assault. More charges were laid against Nadon in February and May.

The University of Ottawa Health Services removed Nadon from his post and banned him from practising at its four clinics. The College of Physicians and Surgeons took away his licence to practise medicine.

Nadon treated students, faculty and member of the community at the University of Ottawa Health Services for more than 25 years.

The university has a contract with the clinic, which is independently owned and operated.

Nadon initially was given bail after his wife and brother posted $10,000 each as sureties.

However, he was back in jail after additional charges were laid, and has had numerous court appearances, with his defence lawyer requesting more time.

More to come.


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