Five-0 Redux: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ turns up heat to beat spike in crime

If you live in Hawaii or have spent any time in our islands, you know the weather is, for the most part, pretty consistent. We have “summer,” typically May through October, and then the weather changes to “winter” between October and April. Winter tends to bring cooler or more moderate temperatures and more rain, while summer temperatures are higher and rainy days are few and far between. It is our lovely tradewinds from the northeast that cool us off and keep the humidity from crushing our humanity. Melodramatic, yes, but if you’ve ever experienced our southwest Kona winds — you understand what that crush feels like.

In this week’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” “Mimiki ke kai, ahuwale ka papa leho,” which means “when the sea draws out in the tidal wave, the rocks where the cowries hide are exposed,” Oahu is experiencing the fifth day of an epic heat wave, and island residents are restless, hot and miserable. As the temperature rises the island is inundated with 911 calls and unusual criminal behavior brought on by the heat. Blackouts have caused those without air conditioning to seek refuge in air-conditioned spaces — not always by legal means. And there seems to be a run on ice. All in all, not a great set of circumstances.

The title is taken from a olelo noeau, or Hawaiian proverb and poetical saying, which Hawaiians would translate metaphorically to mean “secrets will come out on the day of wrath.” Written by Rob Hanning and directed by Antonio Negret, the “day of wrath” seems to allude to this epic day of 103-degree temps and the agitation and delirium associated with overheating and dehydration. Hawaii has never had a day of 100-plus temperatures, so it was a bit of a stretch for the writers. But as many residents do not have air-conditioning units or central air in their homes, we do know when it’s hot islanders might feel as crazed as some of the people depicted in the episode.


The episode starts with a quote from Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of psychology from Iowa State University: “Uncomfortably hot temperatures increase irritability, which in turn increases aggressive behavior, including violent crime.” Anderson’s quote is confirmed right from the start, as Tani (Meaghan Rath) sits in traffic and drivers all around begin excessively honking. She understands their frustration and a fellow driver’s need to shed his T-shirt. It’s 102 degrees and people are too hot and mad to appreciate they are living in paradise since it’s been like the fifth circle of hell for the last five days.

Tani is on her way to Five-0 headquarters to pick up Junior (Beulah Koale), who happens to be using her office, sans pants, as a cooling-off station. The kids have been tasked to help HPD as they are severely backed up with the increase of 911 calls.

McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny (Scott Caan) are busy at their restaurant putting their valuable food inventory into coolers as a rolling blackout has cut their power. Kamekona (Taylor Wily) shows up wearing a new piece of merchandise: The Kame Cooler — a lauhala hat with two battery-operated fans stuck into the brim. Kame, his nickname taken from his crossover scene in “Magnum P.I.,” is always one to know when to market a new item based on demand.

With people needing to keep cool, his new invention and his shave ice truck are sure to bring in a lot of kala, or money. (He’s been hoarding ice for weeks in McG and Danny’s industrial freezer, which he came to collect.)

The only issue with the heat-wave storyline was that each time we saw Five-0 outside with sweat-stained shirts and dripping faces, the trees and shrubs behind them were merrily blowing in the wind. It was quite distracting since what makes our temperature rise in Hawaii is when there is no wind to blow away the heat and humidity.


While McGarrett and Danno are trying to save more of their restaurant — which seems to be closer to opening than they were last season — they get called to a scene. A woman has escaped custody, shot two HPD officers and a motorcyclist and made off with the bike. While they search for her the wonder how a petite woman like Tracy Benson (Tara Macken) could overpower two trained police officers, stolen one officer’s service weapon, and shot both while still in handcuffs. They correctly deduce she is not what she seems.

They find she is really Allison Ross who escaped from a prison transport in Texas after she helped rob a bank and killed a guard. She made off with half a million dollars in cash and had been living under the radar in Hawaii. She had been arrested for assaulting her building super after she complained about problems with her AC unit. At first, McGarrett and Danno think she was angry because of the heat, but when they search her place, they find she was probably angry because she was hiding her money in the AC vent and whoever was let into her apartment to fix the unit, stole it.

They trace her to the apartment of the HVAC worker — whose building has no power because of a rolling blackout. He is beaten half to death and confirms she was there and took the money back. Yet McGarrett and Danno saw the motorcycle she stole still parked in front of the building, so they know she is still there. As they search, they try the elevator and find her dead inside the hot metal box, the money strewn beside her baking corpse. It seems as if the heat got the best of her.


This episode has several humorous subplots. Kamekona’s shave ice truck seems to be the only game in town. As the Oracle of Oahu, he knows what is coming. Flippa (Shawn Mokuahi Garnett) tells him he is just in time with the ice but warns him about raising the prices of his shave ice. Kame doesn’t listen — only to have his customers revolt against him. Kame should have listened to his cousin — don’t take advantage of customers, especially ones who are trying to keep cool in the heat. It was good to see Flippa back and hopefully we can see more of him working the shave ice truck or perhaps singing in McGarrett and Danno/Kamekona’s restaurant.

Grover (Chi McBride) is supposed to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane “Dog” Chapman) for a round of golf, but Dog has smartly filled his hot tub with ice and is cooling off at home. Grover soldiers on and has a perfectly on par game on the empty course.


While McGarrett and Danno are working the case of the week, Tani and Junior are trying to beat the heat while assisting HPD. While enjoying the AC in Tani’s car — she and Juns get into a conversation about adapting — and not to get used to driving her car. When Junior says McGarrett drives Danno’s car, she asked if he is now McGarrett Junior. The conversation is hilarious, and while Junior says McG is someone he would like to emulate, Tani breaks into a pretty spot-on impersonation of Danno.

Beyond the funny moments between our two rookies, there was a couple of sweet moments between the two, which makes us wonder if perhaps there is a romance brewing. After Tani’s car is stolen by a deadbeat looking for relief from the heat — she and Junior have to walk to headquarters, which he says would take 30 minutes. They must be magical because it takes much longer than 30 minutes to walk from Diamond Head to downtown King Street, but it is a fun thought.

Still, it gives them time to talk, and he reveals how his sister died when she was hit by a drunk driver. Tani tells him how sorry she is and that she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her she doesn’t have to say anything, but we get the idea that the fact that she listened was enough.

All of the scenes with Tani and Junior really showed their deepening friendship. When the two find an ice cream truck and they give each other grief for their ice cream choices — Tani has vanilla and Junior has mixed ice cream and sorbet — they run into the ocean to cool off. They splash around like children and we all are thinking — just kiss already — but then it starts to rain.

And as the rain falls, everyone breathes a big sigh of relief — as the temperatures, and hopefully, all the crime, begin to drop. The entire team — Tani and Junior in the ocean; McGarrett, Danno, Kamekona, Flippa and Grover by the shave ice truck — enjoys the falling rain. We all have a moment to enjoy their friendship and let cooler heads prevail.

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