Federal prosecutors accuse Greeley Mexican restaurant of drug money laundering

Ana Cejudo, owner of Almansitas Mexican Food in Greeley, denied Almansitas’ bank account has been used in ongoing drug money laundering, according to federal court filings.

Cejudo and Almansitas, 2727 23rd Ave., were named in a federal case looking to seize hundreds of thousands of dollars believed to be involved in drug trafficking from 17 bank accounts associated with Colorado and southern Wyoming fast food restaurants.

The original court filing, from Nov. 13, has been sealed, but Cejudo’s response, from Dec. 28, hints at the allegations. The response refers to Drug Enforcement Administration databases, two safe deposit boxes containing more than $805,000 combined and drug money laundering operations.

Despite the similarities between Almansitas and Almanzas, 2502 8th Ave. in Garden City, both 24-hour Mexican food restaurants with similar menus, signs and food, the restaurants are listed under different owners — the latter belonging to a Tomas Lopez Alamilla, according to Secretary of State business filings. In Cejudo’s response, she asserts that Almansitas and Almanzas are separate entities owned by different people. No other reference is made to Almanzas in Cejudo’s response. An internet search for “Tomas Lopez Alamilla” returns five results, all listing him as the registered agent for Almanzas.

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