Faulty furnace leads to evacuation of Saskatoon care home

Six people were removed from a personal care home on Thursday morning after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected. Fire department staff said a faulty furnace was to blame.

Firefighters responded to Retiro’s Personal Care Home around 10:20 a.m. after receiving reports of an alert from a carbon monoxide alarm, according to a Saskatoon Fire Department news release.

When crews arrived, they performed an assessment of the air, and found carbon monoxide present at over 400 parts per million, which is a “dangerously high level,” the release stated.

The people removed from the building were medically assessed and it was determined none of them required transport to hospital. Crews were able to restore air quality at the home before bringing residents back inside.

The fire department issued a reminder for people to check their carbon monoxide detectors on a monthly basis, change batteries regularly and replace detectors every 10 years.



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