Fabian Mazur Taps Into Newfound Potential With Poppy “Settle”

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Fabian Mazur is a producer I’ve had my eye on for some time. The producer has undoubtedly shown heaps of potential through his music. Always being able to provide more than just pretty melodies, the Denmark native has just upped his songwriting prowess for one tasty record. “Settle” shows a new face that we’ve yet to see. Tapping into newfound potential, this ‘feel-good’ single will have you in high spirits. Tugging at your feelings with its uplifting chorus, I have a feeling you’ll have this on replay for some time now.

“Settle was created on a gloomy night in the hills of Los Angeles. I was traveling there with some other music artists from Denmark and we rented out a big house and set up studios in all the bedrooms. I had a session with two artists/songwriters, Zac Poor and Ameerah, and we ended up creating this really emotional and vibey track! It was one of those creative moments that just captured the setting I was in at the moment and therefore the track means a lot to me. Enjoy!”

Fabian Mazur – Settle (ft. Zac Poor)


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‘Fabian Mazur Taps Into Newfound Potential With Poppy “Settle”

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