Ex-girlfriend of former CU Buffs coach Joe Tumpkin on legal system: “The truth hasn’t mattered”

via Daily Camera

Pam Fine

When Pam Fine walked into the Broomfield police station in December 2016 to report her then-boyfriend Joseph Tumpkin had assaulted her, Detective Dale Hammell assured her she was doing the right thing.

“He worked really hard on investigating the case, and he kept saying to me repeatedly, ‘This is hard, but I believe the truth wins,’” Fine said. “I held on to that for two years.”

But after two years, Fine is finding it harder and harder to hold on to those words. The case against Tumpkin, a former University of Colorado football assistant, has been mostly mired in appeals and has yet to even make it out of county court. And now, on the eve of a preliminary hearing on the five felonies he is facing, Fine has been told by prosecutors Tumpkin has been offered a plea deal. Misdemeanor assault. No jail time.

“The truth hasn’t mattered,” Fine said.

Two years later, Fine said the justice system has failed her as a victim. And now, knowing how her case has gone, Fine looks back and isn’t sure she would have walked into that police station in 2016.

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