Enchanted Forest says it drew more visitors this season than in the past

The Enchanted Forest’s organizers say this winter’s Holiday Light Tour drew more attendees than it has before.

Organizers attribute the attendance of 80,520 — a new record — to good weather and other factors. The previous year’s tour drew what was then a record, 77,000 people.

Proceeds from the Blue Cross Light Walk, which had nearly 9,000 visitors, will go to the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation and the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation.

Enchanted Forest organizers said they expect the walk raised more than last year’s total of $250,000, but the final tally has yet to be determined.

This year, the Enchanted Forest marked its 20th anniversary.

Organizers are already discussing plans for the next Holiday Light Tour, which will open Nov. 16.



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