Dr. Subramanian Swamy – a modern Bhagiratha (lone crusader)

Dr. Subramanian Swamy has been given many names by his “Bhakts 2.0” (yes, he has his own “Bhakts 2.0”, within a larger group of “Bhakts”), detractors, and main stream media. He has been called a one-man-swamy, a maverick, Nehru-Gandhi family baiter, muckraker-in-chief and even a liar. No, we are not writing this post to criticize the main stream media, for the social media knows very well who raked muck on Mr. Modi for so long, who lies often and who twists the statements often before reporting.

We give him a new name – Bhagiratha, Indian equivalent of lone crusader! Crusader is defined as “a long and determined attempt to achieve something that one believes in strongly”, alternatively as, “a person who campaigns vigorously for political, social, or religious change; a campaigner” by various dictionaries. Dr. Swamy has been putting a long and determined attempt and has been campaigning vigorously on various fronts to get rid of corruption sin in India.

Modern Bhagiratha Dr. Swamy
Modern Bhagiratha Dr. Swamy

We propose the term Bhagiratha as an Indian equivalent of lone crusader and much more. Bhagiratha was a king who made unrelenting tapasya (harsh penance) until he brought down sacred river Ganga to earth to wash the sins of his ancestors. Dr. Swamy has been putting unrelenting efforts to get rid of corruption and wash the sins of corrupt politicians. Hence he may be considered as a modern day Bhagiratha, in political sense.

Is it surprising that main stream media, which is filled journalists with hidden political agendas give him bad names, and do not leave even a single chance to tarnish Dr. Swamy? Mr. Arab Goswamy has the courtesy to invite Ms. Shabnam Lone, who has the audacity to declare on live TV that Burhan Wani is not a terrorist, on his News Hour programme. He invites guests even from Pakistan who shout anti India slogans on live TV. However, Mr. Goswamy has no courtesy to invite Dr. Swamy on his programme. Or is Mr. Goswamy afraid as he was given back (by Dr. Swamy) as good as he gives others?

Readers (I am addressing YOU – the reader, Arnab style!), are you wondering when many people loathing Dr. Swamy, why is this post (and of course his 3 M followers on Twitter) intend to praise him? Just have a look at the list of people who loathe him. They are corrupt politicians, politicians who may do anything for vote-bank, presitutes journalists with hidden political agendas and real anti-nationals. When “journalists” like Mr. Aakar Patel, Mr. Rajesh Ramachandran, or Mr. Syed Firdaus Ashraf, instead of undergoing journalistic evolution, call Dr. Swamy names, should a true national be worried? When such people, in large numbers, vocally accuse Dr. Swamy of this and that and call him names, be rest assured that Dr. Swamy is indeed on the right track for the nation!

Yes, Bhagiratha was successful in bringing river Ganga to earth, however with the support of Lord Shiva to absorb the effects of wind-fall (water fall from heavens). Will the Prime Minister Mr. Modi play the role of Lord Shiva in supporting the endeavors of Dr. Swamy to get rid of corruption sin? Only time will answer this!

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