Don’t let this amazing painting of Panda Bear holding a french bulldog distract you from the announcement of his new album Buoys

A few months ago, Animal Collective released an audio-visual album called Tangerine Reef. Notably, Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear was absent from the proceedings for the first time in the band’s history. But don’t think for a second that the fluffiest animal in the collective was just eating bamboo all day while sitting around doing nothing though. No, Panda Bear was eating bamboo all day while sitting around recording a brand new album! It’s called Buoys, and it’s out February 8 via Domino.

Buoys will be Lennox’s sixth full-length Panda Bear album. After the vinyl-only release of his A Day With the Homies EP earlier this year, it will be a proper follow-up to 2015’s Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.

Lennox co-produced and co-mixed the album with Rusty Santos, whom he last collaborated with on Person Pitch; so please allow yourself to get just a little bit more excited. Commenting on the album, Lennox says, “The last three records felt like a chapter to me, and this feels like the beginning of something new.”

Exemplifying that “something new,” Lennox has also released the album’s first single, “Dolphins.” Check out the video for the song honoring the buoys of the animal kingdom down below, as well as the album’s artwork, full tracklisting, and that painting of Lennox holding a frenchie again…because damn. Iconic.

Buoys will be out via Domino on February 8 and can be pre-ordered here.

And…here it comes:

Buoys tracklisting:

01. Dolphin
02. Cranked
03. Token
04. I Know I Don’t Know
05. Master
06. Buoys
07. Inner Monologue
08. Crescendo
09. Home Free


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