DAMD’s Suzuki Jimny Tunes Make Great LR Defender And G-Class Impressions

About three months ago, the Japanese aftermarket specialists at DAMD (Dream Automotive Design and Development) revealed two CGIs that previewed the company’s customizing plans for the all-new Jimny.

More specifically, the images showed a “Little D.” Jimny styled to resemble the Land Rover Defender and a “Little G.” model designed to look like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

With the Tokyo Auto Salon (January 11-13) right around the corner, DAMD has now released photos of the two actual demo cars that will be on display in the Japanese capital.

We hope you’ll agree with us when saying the demo cars look much better than the CGIs. The Little D. and Little G. make a great impression of the iconic off-roaders they pay homage to. We’ll leave it up to you to say if DAMD’s work has exceeded that of Liberty Walk as far as the Jimny styled after the G-Class is concerned.

As for the Defender-flavored Jimny, it’s safe to say the Little D. is the best-looking of its kind so far. As a reminder, Chelsea Truck Company has also promised to build a Defender-like body kit for the Jimny but its CGI pales in comparison.

DAMD says both body kits will be released at the beginning of this spring, with prices to be announced closer to launch. The packages will be available both for owners of the widebody Jimny (called Jimny Sierra in Japan) and the Jimny Kei car. Let us know which of the two body kits is your favorite and whether you’d consider buying one if they were available outside Japan.


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