Colorado appeals judge’s attorney says judge’s ex made baseless allegations

Colorado Appeals Court Judge Laurie A. Booras

An attorney for Colorado Appeals Court Judge Laurie Booras said she gave her resignation recently after writing two regrettable messages out of thousands to her married lover over the course of 10 years.

Booras wrote a letter Jan. 2 to Colorado Supreme Court Justice Nathan Coats, saying she will step down Jan. 31. Her letter came two weeks after a discipline review panel recommended Boras’ removal from office.

“Before these allegations, Judge Booras had a long, honorable and distinguished career exclusively spent serving the public,” her attorney, David Beller, wrote in an email to The Denver Post. “To heal a damaged male ego, John Sakowitz set out to ruin Judge Booras’ life by making up many salacious and baseless allegations.”

A state-led investigation determined that Booras did not stalk or harass Sakowitz in any way, Beller said.

“The recommendation made by the panel addressed only the words of Judge Booras as every other accusation lacked credibility and, frankly, were lies,” Beller said.

Despite Booras’ resignation, the state Supreme Court could remove formally her from office, said Rob McCallum, spokesman for the state court administrator’s office.


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