Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 Exam: General Overview and Preparation Tips

Over the years, Cisco has earned a great reputation in the networking industry. And they are helping people connect all over the world. Their routers, switches, and firewalls are now being used in most countries. The companies that are using these devices for IT purposes are looking to hire the professionals who can handle them carefully. So, there is a great opportunity for individuals who want to become a part of this industry.

The best part is that Cisco has launched its own certification program for people who want to start their career in the networking industry. Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching is the basic certification offered by Cisco to individuals who want to start their career in the IT industry. Today, we are going to talk about some details that are associated with this Cisco credential.

What is the CCNA R&S certification?

CCNA R&S provides you with the basic information about the networking fundamentals and it helps you prepare for the next challenges that you are going to face in the networking industry. Whether you are going to apply for the certificate or not, the CCNA R&S exam is the most basic need for you if you are looking to start a career in networking because it will clear your concepts about networking.

Well, CCNA R&S is definitely a very valuable certification and we urge everybody to go ahead and take this certificate as it plays an essential role in increasing your worth.

Importance of the CCNA R&S certification

There are multiple benefits you can obtain after getting this certification. You can either start a job in the IT industry or you can continue your studies to grow your skills. CCNA R&S is the first step towards success as it opens multiple career paths for you. The salary you can earn after getting this credential is a lot better than the money can be earned in any other field.

Who can apply for the CCNA R&S exam?

The best thing about this Cisco certification test is that it is open to all, so anybody who is willing to start their career in the networking industry can take it. However, the exam preparation is really important and you won’t be able to pass it if haven’t prepared well. And you should keep in mind that the basic knowledge of computer is also mandatory for those who want to take this exam because you are going to operate several devices with the help of the computer.

Details about the CCNA R&S exam

There are multiple areas where your skills are tested during the CCNA R&S exam. The time duration for the exam is 90 minutes and it usually consists of 45-55 questions. The types of the questions that are included in the exam may also vary in different situations. However, drag-and-drop, testlet, router simulation, simlet, multiple-choice and performance-based questions usually appear in the exam.

The Cisco CCNA R&S test is definitely a piece of cake for the individuals who have properly prepared for the exam. And those who have not prepared well would always keep complaining about the complexity of the exam.

How to prepare for the CCNA R&S exam?

Now, you may need some help in the preparation process. We always recommend using the authentic resources for the exam preparation as they can provide you the most accurate information. Here are some tips on how to pass Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam and resources you can use to prepare for this Cisco test.

  1. Courses

The exam preparation used to be a problem in the past when there weren’t enough resources available for the students. Now, there are lots of courses available on the Internet that individuals can take in order to prepare for the CCNA R&S exam. But the presence of so many courses has made it difficult for the candidates to choose the most authentic one.

The courses that are available on Udemy are the most authentic when it comes to preparing for the CCNA R&S exam. However, you should read the reviews about the instructor before purchasing a course.

  1. Books

The course books provide you the perfect guidance when you are preparing for the CCNA R&S exam. There is no doubt that courses can clear your concepts about networking fundamentals but the detailed information about these fundamentals can only be found in the books. Therefore, you should also take some help from the CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 guide that is officially published by Cisco.

  1. Study groups

Online study groups can also provide you with enough support when you are preparing for the exam. You can find the answers to your questions here and you can also use these groups to stay updated on the tricks that are being used in the latest exam version.

  1. Practice

Practice is the most important element that can help you prepare for the test. You should build a habit of practicing the things that you are learning on a daily basis. And make sure that you practice your skills multiple times before taking the actual exam.

  1. Exam dumps

The CCNA R&S brain dumps will also provide you with very helpful information about the final exam, but only if you have taken these exam dumps from a reliable platform. PrepAway Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam dumps are the most popular websites that we recommend if you want to find the best CCNA dumps.


We have tried to explain everything in a clear and concise way and we hope that we have provided an answer to all the questions that you might have had. However, if you still have a question in your mind, you can send it to us anytime, and we would be more than happy to give your more details on the CCNA R&S exam.

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